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Hi, I am Javier Ramírez, better known as Sr. Reny. In my studio, I am mainly dedicated to illustration although I am apassioned for lettering and graphic design and I enjoy animating illustrations.

In my compositions, I love to use color and fill everything with small details. My work can fit in advertising campaigns, book covers, limited edition music records and everything you could need or imagine. If you’d like to collaborate or just say hi, feel free to drop me a line at Many thanks for your visit.


Brands: Estrella Galicia, Affinity, Heineken, Joselito, NH Hotel Collection, Calle 13 Universal, Abanca, El Águila, La Quiniela, O Marisquiño, Cidade da Cultura, Xunta de Galicia, Marineda City, SEO Birdlife, RC Celta…

Advertising agencies: Touchline Agency, Shackleton Group, Sra.Rushmore, Imaxe, Nacher Estudio, Kaito Estudios, AgeClick…

Editorial: The Washington Post, ReyCraft Books, WPI Journal, Callisto Media, Retina, Yorokobu, Muy Interesante, Xerais, Expo 2020 Dubai…


Finalist “Start Moving – Seat” Yorokobu magazine.
Winner “Buscamos al 7” – 70 Aniversario La Quiniela.
Finalist “Hazlo tú 2016” Yorokobu magazine.
Bronze Inspirational 2015, Technology / User experience with Birdpaper. Sra. Rushmore.
Gold Inspirational 2013, Avergaming with Crimenville. Sra. Rushmore.
Best script “XXV Concurso de Cómic Noble Villa de Portugalete”, 2011.
Finalist Xuventude Crea de Novos Creadores” 2010.
Finalist “Certamen Galicia Crea de Novos Creadores” 2008.
First prize “Certamen Galicia Crea de Novos Creadores” 2006.


Events / Exhibitions

Exhibition: “Miic – IlustraDots” 2017 (Santiago de Compostela).
Exhibition: “Con una basta”. 2016 (Santiago de Compostela).
Exhibition and presentation: Día da ilustración. Ilustranoite. 2015 (Vigo).